Your summer at Grotto Carza

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Our summer menu

Unmissable appetizers to immediately feel at home

  • Great Cutting Board of Grotto Carza
    A poker of Piedmontese cold cuts: raw Vigezzino with a smoked flavor, cooked salami borsotto, liver mortadella with a very delicate taste and Ossola bacon wrapped in pepper and cinnamon.

    Together, a trio of cheeses: Gorgonzola DOP Isola Bella, toma from Mottarone and the more seasoned toma di Crodo from Val D'Ossola.
    And then, Lombard chilli, the very good ones
    chestnuts with Ossola honey and boretan onions prepared by us.
    With bread and warm crunchy focaccia.

  • Vegetarian salty strudel
    When the puff pastry embraces the vegetables (zucchini, tomatoes and carrots) and the stringy cheese.
  • Trio of cheeses
    The vegetarian version of the Grotto, with honey from the Ape Gaia di Trarego and jams with walnuts.
  • Vigezzo raw ham and melon
    A summer classic for a very fresh dish in an Ossola key.

Special first courses

Fresh homemade pasta from us: the love story between the highest quality re-milled semolina flour and our fresh and pure mountain water. Secret ingredient: a pinch of saffron.

  • With venison ragout prepared with the most classic recipe of the mountains.
  • With rocket pesto yellow cherry tomatoes and Taggiasca olives, a triumph of summer.
  • Baked lasagna
    as we like them: we make the ragù with 100% beef.

Great tasty dish of the day

We use Polenta di Beura (slow food) which is produced in the homonymous town in the province of Verbania. It is a corn flour, wholemeal, stone ground, therefore rougher, and different from the "usual" polenta.

  • The first proposal is it stew with potatoes of tradition with its polenta.

  • A Piedmontese summer dish of excellence: soft calf, very slow cooking under vacuum, with lots of tuna sauce prepared by our kitchen.

  • A 100% vegetarian mountain classic: the concia polenta with cheeses which is baked au gratin for a crunchy and tasty crust.

  • A fresh alternative, always 100% vegetarian is the salad of Grotto: mixed salad, fruit, vegetables and soft cheese on a basket of scrocchiarello bread.


Children's menu always available.

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