Il Grotto Carza, immersed in nature and surrounded by a typical mountain atmosphere, offers unique experiences and specialties thanks to dishes from quality who are also responsible.
 Our chefs cook with passion e competence a raw material 100% Italian, which comes from local suppliers engaged in the territory and guided by a perspective religious tourism.

Good oil, very good indeed

Sicilian oil born from a fantastic idea.

Thanks to the contribution of the Con il Sud Foundation, the Leonardo cooperative develops the potential of the Sicilian community in its farm, offering opportunities for personal and professional growth to individuals.

The project provides for the job placement of young people with mental disabilities. It is their hands that collect the olives, with a big smile and a lot of commitment, making the oil not only good but also nice e generous. The efforts of young men make the final product even more special and to be appreciated.

Sweet honey at km 0

From nature to every type of palate, the beekeepers of Ape Gaia, with passion e competence technique, produce honey of high quality.


Surrounded by woods, at 880 meters above sea level, Ape Gaia is far from sources of pollution and produces a “wholemeal” honey", Not subjected to treatments or pasteurizations so as to maintain its healing properties and its natural sweetness, where respect for nature and animals is the watchword.

Small biscuits created with love

Un social project who wants to tell the story of a model of justice focused on people and capable of focusing both on the mistakes of the past and on the prospects for the future, teaching a profession.

Banda Biscotti offers qualified job opportunities to those who live in criminal execution paths.

Every day we are behind bars stories of people asking to be heard.

Banda Biscotti feeds on these stories, mixing them with organic raw materials and choices with care.

The goodness of an artisanal product made with simple raw materials, as you would make it at home. 

MoleCola the 100% Italian Cola.

It is the extraordinary result born from the collaboration of Italian companies that have put together their experience and ability to create a project, as well as a product, unique in taste and heart. 


Aromas natural produced and selected by the Giotti family of Florence;
sugar 100% Italian produced by a cooperative of 5700 farms;
Natural mineral water coming from the Rocciaviva source at 1300 meters above sea level from the heart of the Piedmontese Alps.


classical o Unsweetened, the result of a correct balance between top quality aromas, not too strong acidity, and not too aggressive carbonation.

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