Every Saturday at 10am in the external area of Wonderwood exclusive!


Every Saturday at 10am in the external area of Wonderwood exclusive!

The mountain dishes of the Grotto Carza they are delicious and genuine, e offer unforgettable experiences for families, couples and adventurers ...


But this year we didn't want to settle, the WonderTeam proposes every Saturday at 10am a mouth-watering brunch!


On Mt. Carza, less than 20 minutes walk from our restaurant, the first was inaugurated on June 5, 2021 Big Bench of Lake Maggiore: that's why the Big Bench Brunch was born in Wonderwood, to delight fans of the Giant Benches, and more!

The Big Bench Brunch menu

Before climbing in our adventure park Wonderwood or after one morning walk towards the Giant Bench of Lake Maggiore, book your table with lake view in our outdoor area to taste our menu consisting of:


  • Artisan Bread, Butter and Jam 
  • 1 Savory dish: Scrambled eggs, Bacon and a platter of Salami and Cheese
  • 1 sweet dish: Blueberry Pancake with Maple Syrup & Artisan Tart with Strawberry Jam 

(children's menu - choice between sweet or savory dish)


And to drink:

  • Hot drink of your choice
  • Bio Plose Juice
  • Coffee (with Bisgrottino!)


Don't forget to book and be on time to enjoy this delicious morning experience with us!


All-inclusive menu for the price of €17,90

Children's menu (with choice between sweet or savory dish) €9,90



We continue to convey our values ​​through the attention, love and incredible stories of our local suppliers. 

Blueberries at km 0

Blueberries at km 0

The Blueberries produced by two private individuals from Trarego Viggiona
are already present in some dishes of the Grotto, but given the perfect balance of acidity and sweetness of these little “blue candies”, our chef has decided to include them also in one of the highlights of the new brunch: pancakes! Soft, rich, tasty… with an extra note of sweetness given by the genuine maple syrup he top!

Handmade products of the Biscotti Band

The pie with hazelnut shortcrust pastry and strawberry jam it has a unique crispness and sweetness, as well as The Biscuit that accompanies coffee ... But there is also a story behind these sweet delicacies: from simple raw materials, such as those used by our grandmothers, special people produce good and greedy stories, which deserve to be told.


It is the BANDA BISCOTTI that carefully mixes organic raw materials
using the hands of people who want to make their voices heard.
The laboratory, which is based in Verbania, is the result of a social project
and it was created to support those who are experiencing criminal execution paths.


Past mistakes are balanced by new perspectives for the future 

teaching concrete professions
to sweeten the life of your palates as well as of the workers.  

Bio Plose Juices

And finally, coffee is a must!

And also in this 100% Italian sip, for culture and tradition, the Grotto Carza uses TORMOKA's careful selection of coffee beans.


The roasting, born as a small company in Borgo Ticino, guided by passion and attention to detail, offers a quality that tends to ever higher standards with a constant commitment to sustainability and close to people.

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